About Me

Someone said to me recently when visiting my website; I enjoyed what people had to say, but I want to hear what you have to say about your art; what drives you and excites you about making art.

I feel passionate about the found, recycled + salvaged objects I use. I love finding that perfect piece of metal with an acquired patina and forged so beautifully by the many feet and cars that have trampled over it. Or the abandon, broken, lost or discarded pieces that were once part of ones coveted possession. The nature of working with found objects is an evolving and changing structure, and I love the complexity of it. It’s so exciting when this medley of elements come together. Each piece with it’s own history and spiritual vibe within, a story to tell somewhat familiar or . . . with an odd twist; with its own ‘collective history’ now.

I love creating art of a personal nature. I dig deep using my dreams, memories beautiful or dark and put them in my art; which can be cathartic and empowering. At a very young age I developed MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). When I would dissociate my alters come forward and take over, and I would loose time.

So began my obsession with time. I love clocks, the ticking the winding and the sound and movement of the parts and pendulum swinging. I find it very soothing and comforting.

I truly feel blessed having MPD, as I would not have survived as well as I did without it.

But, my work is not just about me. My work consists of many important issues;¬† social, political, historical, sexist, racist, different abilities/disabilities that I feel the need to address. I like the history they hold and feel honored that in a sense they are on loan to me to create stories that might have been forgotten or not heard till now. I feel privileged to share these stories. They provoke conversation, ideas and open peoples minds; this all becomes part of the work. These are the stories I ‘covet’ the most.

In my studio at BC Artscapes, 268 Keefer, if you have not been yet you will also feel my sense of humor by the way I display my collection of lovely and odd treasures to use in my art making. I continually rearrange objects as this evokes new and different perspectives to explore. I have a voice disease, Spasmodic Dystonia so I do not speak. I am learning ASL and have a ‘Communicator” to translate for me or I can write things down.

My website is evolving slowly as I am in the beginning stages so please bare with me! I will have work on the site for sale. If you want, you can leave me an email  and you can come and see the work at my studio that is for sale.

If you would like to visit me at my studio please email me at joonetal@gmail.com

I would love to her from you, and visits are always welcome so email me and we can set something up.

d. June Conley