Gathering Faith

Medium: Reused weaving shuttle, candle holder, hinge, glass vials, found pieces of metal, wire, mirror, picture frame, chain, healing dirt, candle, new-clock mechanism & Mary figure.

This piece started out from the poem; Time Heals All Wounds and from there grew into Gathering Faith as I began a gathering Icons and other sources for healing.

Time Heals All Wounds 

the wounds remain

in time the mind protecting its sanity 

covers them with scar tissue

and the pain lessons

but it is never gone

By Rose Kennedy

I cut a window out of one side of the shuttle and put in some found mesh wire that almost looks like a confessional when the light hits it. I used a hinge as a door frame on the front and in the frame is a piece of a broken mirror with the words, “caution objects are closer than they appear” (some parts of the words are missing) and framed with an old tin picture frame. Behind the door inside is a “God Box” (even though you don’t have to be religious) it’s a very cathartic exercise a friend told me about. He uses a box and writes out something that is bothering him or something he cannot change and wants to let go of. Then at the end of the week he burns the paper and release it to the universe. So inside I have placed a glass vial to put notes in, it is held there by a magnet. There is another small glass vial on the side with some healing dirt from New Mexico passed on to me. Part of a candlestick holder with a candle. A Black Mary in chains from a book I am reading called; The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd. Also an old key, a small heart carved out of soapstone, and an ornate clock mechanism that I aged.

Dimensions:   Height 1’ 4 ½”       Width 3” Depth   2” Weight 1 lb.