Madders Of Brain

The following are words that stood out as an ‘inspiration’ for my work.

Interpret; to explain or tell meaning of; to conceive in the light of individual belief, judgement, and or circumstance. To represent by art, to act as an interpreter.

Perception; capable of being perceived by the senses often to a minimal extent. Accessibility; able to be reached or used.

Tangible; suggests what is capable of being handled or grasped both physically and mentally.

These words stood out for me for this show about accessibility in Galleries or Museums for people with disabilities. The blind tour of the Vancouver Art Gallery really moved me and brought about such clarity with regards to accessibility for someone who is seeing impaired.

This assemblage is tangible and an interactive experience for the viewer. Rather than a sculpture that you cannot touch and that someone else sees and interprets for you. I invite all to gently touch, caress and imagine in your minds eye what all the different but connected parts might look like and come away with your own conclusions, and your own interpretations of what it is? What does it mean? And what it may represent for you. I have included a pair of blacked out sunglasses so viewers can experience what it might be like if you were blind, if only for a few moments. Also, a magnifier for seeing impaired and others to have a closer look at what is there. There is also a music box attached to the brain.