Greek God of Dreams

Taken from my dream; There was an angel on every street corner, and no one could see them but me. Brown tattered wings and on came in the car and sat on my shoulder!

When I woke one up one morning, that is exactly what I wrote in my journal several years ago. They were angels with brown tattered wings and a bit of sparkle, there to protect people. It also reminds me of a memory from childhood about wanting to be protected. It has now evolved into something strongly based in and around 2012 when I was a collective member with Gallery Gachet. A feeling of belonging and acceptance no matter where you came from or what challenges you face in life.

In life as in dreams angels take on different forms like Morpheus the Greek God of dreams . . . you never know when you are going to meet one!

Morpheus the winged God of Dreams can take on a human form in your dreams. He brings messages and prophesies from the gods to mortals through the medium of dreams. In my depiction of him, he is holding a chain in one hand that is attached to your past. In the other is a key; to open a door . . . or close it! 

This sculpture is made of a discarded ornamental toy teapot, other found objects, bone, patina penny, other beautiful sorts of rusted metal, glass, some brass, and pedals from a tree, brown and tattered for the wings. A doll hand, brass key, a wooden base with a music box; the song is Bye Bye Black Bird! Some old lace and the cement cast doll head made by a Seattle Artist, Johnny Ward. My perfect angel!