The Time Keeper

The Time Keeper came out when I was four. When I would dissociate her job was to keep time for us. The Time Keeper has a very important role as an alter. Because she didn’t know how to tell time she would play or sing nursery rhythms over and over and make marks for how many times she said them over so we could measure the time I lost.

The clock at the top is a wind-up clock and does keep time. The tape measure is a way of keeping time. The hand with a butterfly represents the say ‘Without Butterflies there would be no change” the number 8 is the age the timekeeper grew to. Under that is an angel with her wing spread. At the bottom are a penny behind a magnifying glass, a music box, and a bone.

Inside the box are some watches that have stopped, the shell is the all-seeing (A protector) Then up through the gateway is a horse protector, and a tower with a bird skull that is where we go when to sleep when we dissociate. There is a bell to alert anyone or bring one of us back. Down in the left corner is a picture of The Time Keeper and her mother, and you can get a glimpse of her on the broken gold leaf mirror up at the right of the box. And a keep that can be used to lock or hide things, or open something up. Also, various patterns and pieces the timekeeper liked growing up like the marble, shell, sparkly things she would find. Behind the marble is a picture of Mother Mary. This was a very important part of growing up as we loved to attended Sunday School. We would be told that no matter what you have done, how bad you might be, or what you look like God loves you. It was a great survival tool. 

The bones I put in my artwork are bones I find that have fallen out of the dumpster and maybe a bird has dropped them. I feel it is disrespectful to sacrifice their life then toss the bones away like garbage. So I like to use them in my art to I feel it give them some honor and respect back that they so deserve.