Where is God Now Papa #2

Again, our world is chaos. Climate change, pollution, displaced people are everywhere.

The Bombing in Boston during the Marathon on Patriots Day April 15, 2013. 3 people died, another 140 badly injured.

We the people are the ones used in War to fight and kill people we don’t even know. We are also the pawns left try and survive during war. The people who start the Wars are the Leaders of our Countries.

They don’t fight in any of the Wars! They, the Leaders of the Countries and their families are protected in a safe environment. With lots of food, all that is needed and carry with life like nothing has changed. In some Countries bombs are strapped to women and children; known as Suicide bombers. 

Religion is sometimes used as a weapon; to manipulate innocent children and people to fight.

This piece is about Us; the citizens. The question a child might ask; Where is God Now Papa?

Made from an old desk drawer, thorns are the crown at the top. A clock at the top has stopped, could mean time is running out, it’s too late? A Guardian Angel holding a dice; is she there to save, or to Comfort? 

There is a child strapped to a bomb, underneath is a domino, representing the “Domino

Effect”. An old cross made of nails left hanging on the side. A farm animal cannot walk anymore because of starvation, no food, no refuge . . . waiting for death. There is a Jewish Cross hanging from part of a piano key and a bone. The Pianist a biographical film of World War II about Pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman.